Skyscanner Review (Updated 2022)

Every month, more than 70 million people worldwide visit Skyscanner to get travel inspiration, more flight options, and money-saving tips and tools. We bring you millions of flight options at affordable prices from all travel agents. As we offer the best and most comprehensive options for airline tickets, hotels, and car rental companies, you will not need to leave Skyscanner while planning your next vacation. Oh, and forgot to mention that all this comes for free? Ever used Skyscanner but want to be a part of this great, happy family? Know how our professional websites and users review Skyscanner. We bet it won’t take long for you to become one of us.

Of all the tools we used to find bargains in the tourist world, Skyscanner was number 1, until the day we found ourselves at the check-in counter with missing tickets. That review and scam warning is at the bottom of the page. Our tips on how to save money on flights with Skyscanner are still available and available for you to use. Skyscanner is a great tool, but beware of third-party ticket sellers – Skyscanner has contacted me and this seller has been removed from his website.

So keep opening Skyscanner USA right here, (in a separate window – if you need to run the Skyscanner app, and from the link above.) I’ll give you some tips. By using Skyscanner and tips here we have saved £ 100 per person, £ 300 in total, on our flight to Sri Lanka. For Skyscanner UK, Skyscanner Australia, and other Skyscanner international websites, click here.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Skyscanner to scan flights and get the best bargains.

We still prefer Skyscanner to a new aircraft scanner tool, including the Kiwi, and it usually gives us cheaper prices than going directly to the airlines themselves but that comes with our warning below.

Learn tips, and use these skills and hacks to find the best routes, dates, and deals, but keep an eye out and find out what happened to us.


Skyscanner is the world’s leading search engine for an airline, hotel, and car rental. It has everything you need to get your perfect travel party – whether you want to escape at the last minute or plan a trip months in advance.

The website is no longer only providing flight searches.

With an easy-to-use interface, Skyscanner makes it easy to compare hundreds of airlines from airlines around the world at any time of the day, so you can quickly get the cheapest payments and catch them before they sell!

Tips, Tricks & hacks to save money on Flights:

We all want to save money on flights, right?
Let me introduce you to a few Skyscanner tips.

Of course, you need flexibility, if you need a direct flight one day you can not work the same magic, but,, or Skyscanner UK (.net is global, .com is USA. is UK based – existing sites ) will still help you find the best price.

Enter your departure airport and destination box, and enter 2 days. Start your search and below the search box, you will see the next important step.

You will need to open Skyscanner using the links I gave you in the first section which you should follow and see how this is done.

You will love Skyscanner Flexible Days.

So, open Skyscanner, and first enter your airport from the FROM box.

You don’t have to specify, you can ask for any airport in your city, let’s say London.

Getting a bus to Stanstead or Luton may be cheaper than paying for a Heathrow flight.

You can request any airport in the country.

We usually use any airport in the UK to start our search. The image above shows a search from Fort Lauderdale (Anywhere). You will be provided with information related to any Fort Lauderdale airport.

In the TO box, you enter your destination.

Also, this location should not be specified, “any” also applies here.

There are additional scams you need to know about this step, at the bottom of the page, under the “Everywhere” search.

Below your departure date you will see a pop-up box shown above “show all month”. This option allows you to view flights, during the day, during the month. You will be able to clearly see which day will be the cheapest and best for you to fly.

By selecting “Monthly” Skyscanner will generate a data set similar to the one seen above. Daily prices, with color code, are displayed under each calendar date.

If you look at the top of the image, you can see that you have a view option, either a calendar view or a bar chart view. Both make it easy to spot a very cheap day to fly longer.

You are not locked in one month, the Skyscanner green arrow keys next to the current month allow you to scroll forward or backward in time, month and month. Have you downloaded the Skyscanner app yet? Find that out here.

Type “Everywhere” as your destination

If, for example, you are a long-distance traveler looking for the next destination or perhaps just want to go somewhere for a weekend but don’t know where, then you’ll love Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” option.

Instead of the default location, simply select “Everywhere” in the drop-down list.

Skyscanner will now use its magic and bring you a list of possible destinations, the cheapest place first. Each price will be the best they have in that country.

That is how we ended up in El Salvador after Florida. We did not know where we wanted to go, so we boarded a cheap plane and headed for Central America, where from then on we boarded buses and stored treasures.

Choosing Your Best Dates for Travel

In the DEPART box, click the calendar image. The standard calendar appears with days to click, instead of selecting a specific date look a little below.

At the bottom of the calendar you will see something like this, MONTHLY or EVERY YEAR is what you need.

A search like this, once you have selected your destination and preferred airports (based on price or personal preference), will provide you with a graph showing prices, day by day. Now you know which days are the cheapest.

Not Ready to Book? Sign Up for Notifications

Select the flight and date you want and click the button to enable notifications on this flight.

You can do this on most flights and destinations, I really like that they all come with 1 email instead of a few.

Skyscanner will tell you when airline prices have gone up or down. You can watch and wait for the prices to sink as long as your feeling remains. About 3 months before departure is usually the best time to book.

Exploring Alternate Routes

This is how we found real savings on those Sri Lankan flights. The cost seemed too high so we checked out other routes.

First, find out which routes are out of your cheapest destination. Enter your destination as your departure point and select “everywhere” as your destination as mentioned above. Your Skyscanner list will tell you which countries are the cheapest to fly to, the safest bet, and the most expensive to fly FROM.

Search again FROM that country and check your airfare to the country. The pen and paper help me with this part. The total flight to Turkey and the flight from Turkey to Sri Lanka, in our case, was less than £ 100.

For the three of us that was saving £ 300, $ 470 US with an extra bonus for a few days in Turkey.
I think that is the only thing you need to know in order to start making significant savings in aviation. We swore Skyscanner, maybe it was our favorite savings tool. If you follow our example of using Skyscanner tips and tricks you will save money by traveling with you.

If you need further assistance using Skyscanner, email me and I will do my best.

FAQ’s :

Is It Cheaper To Book By Skyscanner or Directly by the Airlines themselves?
This is different. Sometimes Skyscanner has the best deals, sometimes booking directly with an airline can offer you the best deal.

Our best tip is to follow all the tips on this page to find your best date, price, airline, and route and double-check your price against airline price.

Etihad has given us better prices than Sykscanner recently, as well as Wizz Air, Fly Dubai, and Air Asia.

Even if you end up booking directly with an airline, Skyscanner can still be a great research tool.

Should I Book With Skyscanner or Understanding Airline? – Scam
As full-time travelers with years of flight under our belts, we never imagined that this would happen to us.

We recently released an estimated £ 3000 after booking flights with Skyscanner and a foreign book reservation company, Go To Gate.

We arrived at the airport and found that our seats were not there despite ongoing guarantees.

Our first booking fee was lost and we were forced to book new tickets, at the same time, for more than double the price. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you want to read the full story of how Go To Gate canceled our tickets and did not tell us while we were saving our money, here we are. (will open in a new tab)

Going to the Gate would not refund a cent, or even contact us, and our claim took months to process under the consumer protection laws.

Finally, and it was months and with the completion of the full legal form in Kathmandu, our credit card company refunded the full amount.

How to Go to the Gate you can hold on to money AND not give a ticket is beyond comprehension. They said the mistake was going to my credit card company.

Now that we are avoiding Go to Gate, there are many social media platforms with topics such as “Go to Gate is a Scam” that we were unaware of when booking these flights.

Book directly with the airline or be careful who you book with Skyscanner.

I’m not saying Skyscanner is bad, it’s not good, but you can get in trouble with these third parties, just check and double-check everything. We still use Skyscanner every time we look for flights. It’s not just that third party.

How Does SkyScanner Work?

According to their website, their service serves as a sum collecting information on thousands of different websites to get their customers the best travel deals and prices available at any time.

In addition, they offer flexible search options. This means customers can browse prices throughout the month, even throughout the year. So they can always get a better understanding of how prices will change for him. When they hope to go and when they buy their tickets.

To use their service, all you have to do is go to their website and choose the category you are interested in, including Flights, Hotels, and Car Rental.

For customers who are very interested in what potential travel and vacation plans are available. You can also check out certain deals on flights or hotels on a specific continent or region. Are you interested in visiting, or with a particular airline that you know or feel comfortable with.

Costs / Pricing Plans
Using this site is completely free. Once you have found a plane or a hotel party you are interested in booking. Clicking on a link to purchase will take you to the first website of that agreement. You will never make payments directly to

Whenever a travel booking is made from SkyScanner. The airline, hotel, or travel agent who benefits from booking then becomes obligated to pay SkyScanner, which means there is no cost to the actual traveler.

Refund Policy
As there are no fees charged at any time in SkyScanner. There is no Refund Policy provided by this website. Instead, customers should refer to all cancellation and refund policies offered on the website. When they actually make their purchase, to be sure. They protect themselves in situations where they need to cancel their travel plans.

Customer Service Contact Information
Customers with questions, concerns, or complaints would like to direct them to their Customer Service team who can contact them by posting them directly on their website via their Terms and Conditions page, which provides a contact link at the bottom of the page.


There are not too many customer or user updates for this website at this time. While the ones available look great, without too much complaining or criticism.

About independent reviewers of foreign companies. SkyScanner is regarded as a popular travel website and mobile application and has been mentioned in various publications as one of the best ways to research or make your travel bookings.

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