Is Singapore Airlines Premium Economy still worth it in 2022?

The much-anticipated Singapore Airlines Premium Economy cabinet was launched in 2016 and is offered on long flight routes including long service to New York with only Premium Economy and Business Class.

The airline usually charges its Premium Economy product at about 50% more than the Economy and about half the value of the Business Class, which means that there are often business class products from other airlines that cost more than just the airline’s premium economy.

So I asked myself, is Singapore Airlines Premium Economy worth it?

Looking at the price, I wanted to check it out on a long trip from Singapore to Barcelona and also see how it fits in with the normal Economy Economy of the airline or its Business Class products.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy class

Singapore Airlines offers Premium Economy seats on a few long-distance flights to many parts of Europe, the US, and even APAC destinations as well as a long-distance flagship flight to Newark in New York, the world’s longest airline. that Qantas started selling a flight to Newark. London.

The Premium Economy product is only available on A350-900 and A380-800 aircraft above the routes (e.g. some flights to Shanghai are in the Boeing 787 and these do not have Premium Economy seats).
Also keep in mind that some of the older A380 aircraft have been redesigned with the new product and have different internal configuration options for the new A380.
Singapore Airlines offers the highest economic seats in the following locations: Amsterdam, Auckland, Barcelona, ​​Beijing, Shanghai, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Brisbane, Canberra, Cape Town, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Houston, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Manchester, Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Delhi, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich.

However, check ahead because not all flights on the runways will have it. For example, some of the central pedestrian areas such as Dubai or Shanghai do not always fly A350 or A380 flights.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy check-in and boarding

Singapore Airlines Premium economic entry can be made using dedicated counters between online commuters and business class passengers. When you enter Changi Airport, you will probably use Terminal 3 where there are automatic check-in machines.
With only 24 passenger seats in any of the Premium Economy cabinets for long-distance flights, there is little chance of a queue when you enter. If you are flying in areas that take long distances, the passenger capacity is very large.

Singapore Airlines flights by airline. First Class passengers and members of the Singapore PPS Club boarded first, followed by Business Class passengers and members of Star Alliance Gold. Passenger board of the Premium Economy category in the third category.

When we boarded, we were given a wet towel (all classes got this) and a glass of champagne given to plastic cups (as opposed to mirrors provided in Business Class) which touched well.

The cabin on Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

For standard long-distance flights, the Premium Economy cabinet is located between the second small Business Class house and the Economy Class cabin separately. In long-distance travel destinations such as New York, the Premium Economy Class cabinet replaces Economy Class and is located behind Business Class.
All in all, the Premium Economy cabinet looks similar to another economy room but sounds very spacious.

As I said earlier, all cabinets for the Singapore Airlines Premium Economy class are the same and follow a 2-4-2 formation, these are two smaller seats than Economy where the design is 3-4-3, and there are only three rows. Because of its small size, it feels very close and there are very different seats.
The first row of seats has more legs than the rest of the cabinet and has a price tag that can go up to USD100 per seat and return. These chairs certainly feel very comfortable, but they come with the downside of not having a backseat for storage and soon keeping dirty things on the floor (pillows, shoes, bedding).

On the other hand, the last line of the Premium Economy is on the other side of the Economy bassinet seats so you should consider the risk of noise if there is a child flying badly (although medium noise-canceling provided headsets go a long way to help with that).
I flew to the middle seat in the first row on my way to Barcelona and to the seat in the last row window (except for one next to me) when I returned. I found the last row window seat very secretive. This is because the reclining space between the seats is not evenly spaced.
The bedroom between 2 side seats and two pairs of seats in the middle is wide and uncluttered, as in Business Class, and offers minimal privacy and isolation from your nearest visitor, while the pair of seats are inside. the middle four are small and can be raised. This is thought of by passengers traveling together.

So, here are my recommended seats:

  • If you are traveling alone, I recommend the window seats in the first row, even if you need to get up during the flight (which you will) you can easily walk over to the passenger near you without bothering him. Otherwise, any seats next to the other rows.
  • If you are flying with someone, take two seats where one can reach the path. You will then have a soft armchair between the seats.

Service on Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

There is not much that can be wrong with the Singapore Airlines service, and I know it because I have flown them through all stages of travel when I was a member of Silver, Gold and PP Club 9 years ago. The two planes are no different.
Singapore Airlines staff are attentive, helpful and expectant. They will come and help you put your bags in the upstairs room, return your valuables downstairs and leave and will always answer calls immediately.

We were given snacks and drinks several times during the flight and when I wanted anything, I had to press a button and the cabin team was done quickly.

The passengers of the Premium Economy use the same toilets as the regular passengers of the Economy and thankfully they stay clean. Singapore Airlines is taking another mile to ensure that the toilets are in good condition regardless of the length of the flight or the stage of the trip, this is not something most airlines can do.

You will always find toilet paper, the bin will have space, and the whole place is organized and smells good.

Important: Before purchasing an Advantage Economy Classroom seat at Singapore Airlines, check the number of miles needed to get a Premium Economy Class seat as it may be cheaper.

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