Bluehost Review 2022 – Web Hosting Features And Performance

Web Hosting is an integral part of business, and for large-scale organisations, Web Hosting is important for compiling the storage for keeping important documents under a safety lock. Knowing the fact that Web Hosting services are very vital for business, only very few can make it up to the standard performance. 

All those Web Hosting service providers out there ask for handsome money as the web-hosting service fees. Bluehost is one of the web hosting service providers; in this article, we are going to check Bluehost Reviews to conclude whether it is worth paying for or not. 

What Is Bluehost? 

If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, or shared services and storage space for saving and keeping E-documents, Bluehost is the right place for you. They promote all these services and are termed as one of the finest and most trustworthy website hosting platforms for beginners and professionals too. 

Working since 2003, Bluehost is a legit website that is continually working towards the betterment of web efficacy. Which is increasing day by day due to the extensive use of technology, the use of web hosting is flourishing, and Bluehost always strives to make the world a better place with the means of technology. 

The core center of Bluehost services is directed at the empowerment of WordPress; it is a content management system that allows you to have various themes and post-creation tools. The blue host insisted on WordPress, and they developed both platforms ready to work for the next generation.  

Features Of Bluehost That Make It Stand Out: 

With the widespread use of technology and digital services, website hosting has become a common tool for assisting mega organizations digitally. 

Blue host guards your software against the crashes and bugs that cause sudden outbreaks and distrust the performance and longevity of the software. 

  1. Affordable Rates for Subscription: The best one can offer you is the premium level services at reasonable prices; you can get the benefits of Bluehost at the most amazing prices comforting to other website hosting platforms. 

Their subscription plans are up for a monthly subscription at thr prices ranging between $ 2.7 to $50 per month, which depends on the tools you unlock. And all the plans are backed with SSL certification. 

  1. SSL Certification With Every Subscription: 

SSL certification is the top-notch certification for safety and security measures curated by any website. These security plans help you be anonymous with anything you do unless your endeavor is ethical. 

With three-layer security locks and encryption, Bluehost keeps cyber criminals and hackers far away from your confidential documents. And maintains the secrecy within the confidant’s hands. 

  1. Great Uptime: The software is of no use. If it takes you back to the window screen after each passing minute, they need an increased uptime that allows you to stick to the website you’re working on for hours. 

Talking Bluehost has a great uptime of around 45 minutes which is nearly 99.8% accuracy; you can work smoothly on the website without worrying about it crashing. 

  1. Free trial: Website hosting is a complex task and needs a lot of money and effort to put in, which is why so many web hosting companies do not offer you free trial periods, or even if they offer, it is very few in days.

With Bluehost, you can have thirty days trial periods backed with a money-back guarantee. So, even if you are unsatisfied with the services, you can have the money back if you’ve paid any. 

  1. Not so Complex Using:  Bluehost is the easiest way of going to website hosting services; with Bluehost, you can have all the vital hosting services easily. Hence, it is suitable for beginners as well. 

They have all the direct options and are visible, which fastens the hosting and development process, and even if you’re not a tech geek, you can crack the code. 

What Kind Of Hosting Be Done On Bluehost? 

Working since 2003, Bluehost has certainly taken benefit of first movers advantage, and they have the latest and widest ranges of hosting services compared to any other hosting platform. 

They have got everything under cover in their hosting umbrella, and all of them are available at reasonable prices. 

Talking about Shared Hosting, you can get it for $2.95 per month, which includes the premium benefits of SSL Certification and Resource Protection, which is required to keep the company’s resources and tools under the watch guards and, last but not least, domain manager to increase the effectiveness of the domain. 

The next service available with Bluehost is VPS, WordPress Hosting, and SEO Management. All these are the key services that Bluehost connoisseurs, and you should consider Bluehost if you’re looking for the services mentioned above. 

Is The Performance Of Bluehost Any Good?

Going by the reviews, Bluehost has the most reliable and good working. They have extreme professionalism at work, and you can directly rely on Bluehost. 

Bluehost has the most prompt and helpful team of customer care executives; they help resolve any query you’re facing with Bluehost.  They ensure you have the smoothest experience while using Bluehost

The reviews also suggest that the breakdown or occurrence of crashes is relatively very less in the Bluehost server compared to other hosting platforms. However, the affair of the glitch also depends on your subscription plans. 

For example, while working on the basic plan, which is packed with 50 GB SSD drive Storage and 100 MB storage for five email accounts capacity, if you’re trying to overstuff the storage, the server will likely crash due to the burden of files. 

One of the parameters to measure the performance is to calculate the uptime, which is great in the case of Bluehost; you have the strongest and most effective uptime that is good enough to work simultemlay for 1 hour, and the uptime increases with the plans. 

These are the measures that indicate that Bluehost has good and sound reviews in the performance, which is all that matters; you can engage the traffic on the website with the help of SEO and also keep your identity hidden for undergoing secret tasks. 

Pros And Cons Of BlueHost: 

Blue host is a very reliable and consistent server we have comprehended. But what are the features that help Bluehost to enjoy a competitive edge? What features are still lacking in Bluehost


  1. Much cheaper for the feature it offers: Usually, the prices of subscription plans would be much higher if you took all the services from any other hosting platform, but on Bluehost, they are available at the starting price of $ 2.95, which is accessible for any beginner or learner too. 
  1. Great Uptime: The efficiency of Bluehost’s uptime is worth mentioning again and again; even if you own the finest hosting services with no good uptime, it is of no use. 

This point is deliberately taken into account, and hence Uptime is the top point to add to the advantages of Bluehost. 

  1. Excellent Customer Care: As we have mentioned, Bluehost is the best server to use if you’re a beginner because they have a lot of direct commands. You can ask for customer care executives anytime you find yourself stuck anywhere. 

While working on the internet and web activities, you can assume or take a shot; hence Bluehost customer care is greatly trained and very helpful. 

  1. Money-back guarantee: It is very rare to find a money-back guarantee on this complex service provider’s policy, but with Bluehost, you can use the Bluehost sharing host for 30 days and claim for the payback without any reason or justification. 


  1. Limit for the Webspace: With the basic plan, you can have 50 GB SSD storage which is quite insufficient for developers and bloggers who have frequent exposure to saving data. And even if they ask for low rates, confined web space for storage is still bad for web hosting servers. 
  1. Server Speed: The server speed of Bluehost is fast only to some limited countries or, better we say, confined to some states. If you’re settled in the US, the server will work great for you. But outside the United States, the Server lacks the speed. 
  1. Backup of the data: Don’t go for Bluehost if You have excessive data to save on the webspace. They have backup plans that work monthly or daily for three backups which are very few compared to the other hosting servers. 

You can consider paying more but have a good backup plan. On the other hosting server, you can have 20 backups, much more than Bluehost offers. 

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using Bluehost, which should be kept in mind before making a final decision with the host. 

Summing it up: 

Bluehost is not the best, but one of the best. So, you can look out for more good deals which have great web space and backup plans rather than going for lower prices and great uptime. 

But if you’re a beginner seeking exposure to web hosting, Bluehost is the right place to learn and grasp things without any hindrances. 

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