Apple launches its new classical music streaming app for preorder

Apple unveiled a fresh music streaming platform that will concentrate on classical music. The new app, called Apple Music Classical, is built upon its acquisition of Primephonic, a streaming service based in Amsterdam. It will permit Apple Music subscribers to explore over 5 million classical music tracks, including high-quality audio for new releases. Moreover, the app will include numerous handpicked playlists, exclusive albums, and supplementary characteristics such as composer biographies an ..

The new Apple Music Classical app, shown on 3 smartphone screens, offers Apple Music subscribers access to over 5 million classical music tracks.

Apple’s strategy to focus on classical music fans with a dedicated app sets its Apple Music subscription service apart from its competitors. The move is in contrast to Spotify’s recent announcement of advanced features such as AI and video-based discovery feeds.

Apple Music Classical is offering an uncomplicated interface for interacting with classical music pieces. People can easily search for recordings by composer, work title, conductor, or even catalogue number.

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