HostGator Review Updated (2022)

HostGator is a great hosting provider. It also makes anonymous site creation a smooth and straightforward task that allows you to publish pages twice over.

The American property HostGator looks like a good bet when you start to please your eyes with its brightly colored home page and text ready for beginners suggesting that its integrated Website Builder could be exactly what you want. And, to some extent that is especially true.

Scroll down the page and it seems to indicate that there are three specific options to choose from, but it is a little more involved when you dig deeper. Also, circling the price options that seem endless is one thing but you get the same scary experience once you get past that point and get into the website building arena.

Price & Plans

The biggest power of HostGator is the amount of money, however. With open web hosting , Hatchling Plan is $ 2.75 / £ 2.16 per month, and that offers you unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate, domain name, 99.9% uptime guarantee, fast backups and 24/7 support.

Almost all of its competitors limit you to this type of pricing, and they usually charge more, so it’s a good way to try web hosting without a binding contract.

If you need to host more than one site, the Baby Plan removes the “one domain” restriction and lets you have unlimited domains. That’s $3.95 / £3.11 per month.

Those who do not have a website ready to transfer to their new web hosting site can sign up for the Starter Gator Website Builder program for $ 3.84 / £ 3 per month. Only if you need the necessary support then you will need to upgrade to a Premium plan of $ 5.99 / £ 4.71 per month.

WordPress hosting is very expensive, with Starter Plan at $ 5.95 / £ 4.67 per month and that is suitable for up to 100,000 visitors per month. But even if you expect more, the Business Plan that allows for 500K visits is only $ 9.95 / £ 7.82 per month.


HostGator has the potential to attract a budding site builder as within the account there are a number of different options. However, if you are trying to keep things simple then it is best to start working with a Website Builder if you do not already have a site.

The theme is simple, with a good selection of templates to be taken that will suit most needs. This is not universal yet and there will be marketing on your twenty-two newly created pages. However, the functionality works well due to the coordinated interaction of drag and drop, which allows you to explore the creation of your page without fear of encountering too many obstacles.

Control panel

At the moment, HostGator uses cPanel, which is a common feature among hosting providers. In fact, it is the control panel that allows account holders to explore all sorts of different tools, from basic to powerful, all within their control area.

So, for example, if you quickly find out that you are skipping the usual website building option then you can switch to WordPress, Joopla or Drupal. These are all very powerful options, and can be introduced within the cPanel area without much hassle.

At the same time however, you may find that navigating your visual path is a bit challenging. Part of the problem is that there is so much you can see and do, and it can be confusing if you are the kind of person who gets acronyms like scary FTP.


Indeed, there is a lot within your HostGator account that may leave you feeling tired, but do not panic as the level of support is good. We liked how the online support site works, although that in itself may seem like a small burden to strangers, it makes us a sound base to capture important features.

A small video tutorial, for example, will guide you through many different aspects of your HostGator account, while you can also access social media that will put a little meat in the bone of any topics that have won you over.

In addition, HostGator makes it much easier to communicate, as there are links to support people when you need and the option to start a live chat.

Website Builder

With so many options for building a website out there, many of them well thought out, HostGator feels a bit lacking. It will do a lot of things you want it to do, but getting to the finish line may feel a bit harder than its rivals.

Having said that, the more we use Gator Website Builder the more warm it is. In fact, HostGator has obviously spent some quality time making its latest status much better and, with a little perseverance, more than likely to build a seemingly funny site that refutes the fact that you used drag and drop. creative wisdom

Another thing we like here is the ability to integrate complex features, such as the ecommerce store, as you go, or that includes upgrading to the more expensive ‘e-Commerce’ program for $ 9.22 / £ 7.25 per month (and that’s a special discount of 50%. Also, about and to make everything come alive, the Publish button does just that, which means you have very little to worry about whether you like it or not.

The Decision

While you usually get what you pay for with web hosting, HostGator plans eliminate that practice. Even the cheapest is not the case if you need more than one website. So considering that you are not doing it is a very good decision for those on a budget.

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