US Man Hospitalised Amid Claims Rat Poison Found In Taco Bell Burritos, Investigation Launched.

A Taco Bell customer in Colorado, USA, claims he became seriously ill after claiming his takeout order was laced with rat poison. An unnamed customer claimed to have started throwing up after eating a fast food burrito and was taken to a hospital where he was said to have ingested a “high dose” of toxic chemicals. It denied, and the manager called the allegations “ridiculous.”
Taco Bell manager Larry Swift said a male customer walked into the restaurant around 1 p.m. Sunday and got into an argument with an employee about his order. He said he got into an argument with an employee because the drive-thru vending machine wasn’t working. He ordered three bean burritos and got the fourth free.

A Taco Bell Customer Was Hospitalized After Eating Rat Poison

The manager added that the man was a regular customer who had previously caused problems. Police were also informed of the disturbance, but left after determining that no crime had been committed. The customer claimed to have returned home around 7pm and eaten a burrito. He immediately fell ill and called an ambulance. Meanwhile, hospital officials called the sheriff’s office about a patient who became ill after consuming Taco Bell groceries.According to the sheriff’s office, the hospital confirmed that the burritos actually contained rat poison After the incident, the sheriff’s office said it had launched an “open and aggressive investigation” into how rat poison entered takeout orders. I also watch surveillance footage.

“We are currently investigating whether rat poison was actually put into his food at the restaurant. We don’t know at this time if that was the case,” said Deputy Sheriff John Bartman, who added that the case would be classified as an “attempted murder.”

A Taco Bell store denied that an employee had poisoned a customer’s order. In response to the allegations, the manager said, “There are no poisons in the restaurant. It’s so stupid. “

Taco Bell also released a statement following the incident, saying, “The safety of our customers and team members is our number one priority. The franchisee who owns and operates this location has informed us that it is cooperating with local authorities in their investigation. rice field.”

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