Twitter fixes broken links and images caused by ‘internal change’

Twitter says it has resolved issues with images and links on its platform. Earlier today, many users were unable to view links and images on the social network due to “an internal change.” According to reports on third-party web monitoring service Downdetector, the issues began at around 11:50 a.m. ET.

“Some parts of Twitter may not be working as expected right now,” the company had said in a tweet. “We made an internal change that had some unintended consequences. We’re working on this now and will share an update when it’s fixed.”

Clicking on a link brought up an error message that said “Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information.”

This latest outage comes about a week after Elon Musk slashed more than 200 jobs in the latest round of layoffs at the company. The cuts involved Twitter Blue head Esther Crawford and newsletter app Revue’s Martijn de Kuijper.

After Elon Musk took over Twitter last October and fired thousands of employees, many feared that the social network would slowly fall apart. This is not the first time that Twitter has faced issues in the past few months.

Just a few days ago, many parts of the social network, including the timeline, were broken for users all over the world. Last month, Twitter started showing users that they were over their “daily rate limit,” while another bug was preventing people from following other users. In December, the social network faced glitches and showed users a “rate-exceeding limit” error.

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