Should You Use Shopify for your Next eCommerce Business?

Before you sign up, it is a good idea to learn a little bit about Shopify if you have heard of them and are considering whether or not to construct a store on their platform.

The solution is obvious: Shopify is one of the most dependable, popular, and secure eCommerce platforms available today.

Is Shopify Legit? searches on Google amount to hundreds each month.

Let’s clear up any misunderstandings by stating the obvious: Shopify is legitimate.

One of the most dependable, reliable, and expensive eCommerce platforms for setting up an online store is Shopify. Here, we examine Shopify’s security features and the benefits of signing up (if you are looking to build a new online store).
Shopify makes sure that every store created and hosted on its platform is secure by:

paying legitimate hackers to look for platform security flaws, problems, and bugs
Providing Order Verification Functionality, Risk Analysis Tools, and Regular Security Updates to All Stores to Ensure Your Orders Are Safe and Genuine.

The Bug Bounties Program

Did you know that for each successful hack on the platform, Shopify pays out specific “bounties” or payments?
Although it may seem strange, this is actually quite advantageous to you as a store owner. It implies that any potential risk or hacking threat may be identified and resolved before it might ever have an impact on you.

Security researchers, sometimes known as white hat hackers, are consequently motivated to look for and report flaws.

The scheme is also incredibly rewarding and fair; the rewards vary from $500 to $12,500. This merely serves to demonstrate their level of security and commitment to overcoming flaws.

You can understand how secure the site really is when you consider that just $180,000 has ever been paid out on Shopify since it was founded in 2004.

The program’s secondary advantage is that any potential hackers will try to report the problem for a financial reward rather than attempt to attack a store. It’s a win-win situation for you as the store owner and Shopify.

Hosted Platform

All stores on the Shopify platform are immediately secured by new security features and releases because the platform is hosted. T

This implies that you will be safeguarded right away when you start a store. To safeguard yourself, your business, or your clients, you won’t need to take any action or run any updates on a regular basis.
Shopify cannot offer this luxury or security when compared to other open source eCommerce solutions, such as WooCommerce or Magento.

It is the owner’s obligation to deploy the new security release for a store running on either of these platforms. The store owner runs the risk of a possible threat if it is not uploaded, which is what this patch tries to fix.

Order Risk Assessment and Protection Tools

Fake orders are the most frustrating and costly thing for online e-commerce stores.

If a customer attempts a chargeback, they will have to pay a chargeback fee and lose the cost of the product and all shipping charges. Additionally, payment processors can actually block you from processing future payments from customers. If it happens, it could be put out of business entirely.

Shopify has built-in security features that automatically reject potentially fake orders.

Several checks are performed for each order.

Customer Billing Address Verification
Payment Verification – Credit Card Verification
If the customer does not pass these stringent tests, the order will be rejected and not placed.

This solves the above problems for you as a shop owner and saves you a lot of time and worry about dealing with fraudulent buyers.

Is Shopify Legit?

Now you know it’s one of the most widely used secure online platforms. But back to the original question. And more importantly, is it good?

We need to see how many customers are using it and what tools it offers compared to other solutions. The reasons for its popularity are:

Shopify offers all the ecommerce features and tools you need to create, grow, and scale your online store.

Storefront (Themes, Customizations, Website Builder), Shopping Cart (SSL Certificate, 100 Payment Gateway, Abandoned Checkout Recovery), Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration), Products (inventory management, product organization), hosting (unlimited bandwidth, 99.98% uptime), analytics (reporting), mobile apps, Shopify is one of the most feature-rich and intuitive platforms.

See for yourself if this is the right ecommerce solution for you with a comprehensive 14-day risk-free trial. With no upfront payment, you can test all your tools, play with our store builder, and start selling online before committing to your long-term plans.

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