Netflix rolls out ‘My Netflix,’ a new tab for trailers, reminders, and more

Netflix launched today a new shortcut option for mobile users who want to quickly find their favorite and need-to-watch titles. Dubbed “My Netflix,” the feature acts as a dedicated space for recently watched movies and TV shows, downloaded titles, trailers, reminders for upcoming titles, liked (thumbs up) titles, “Continue Watching,” the “My List” section, and more.

Updated My Netflix asset

“My Netflix” is replacing the “Downloads” tab located at the bottom-right corner of the screen, the company says.

The new feature allows viewers to easily access all the series and movies that they already want to watch in one place. Plus, it’s our opinion that the location of My List on the home screen is way too far down and takes a lot of scrolling to find it. Going to the “My Netflix” tab could cut back time on endless swiping and browsing Netflix’s huge library of titles.

“Keep in mind that the more you interact with and tell Netflix what you like, such as saving more action-thrillers like ‘Extraction 2’ to My List or giving a thumbs up to every season of ‘Bridgerton,’ the more you’ll see on the My Netflix tab,” Netflix noted in today’s blog.

The new destination is available on iOS devices starting today and will roll out on Android devices in early August.

Separately, Netflix reported its second-quarter results last week, gaining 5.9 million subscribers for a total of 238.4 million global members.

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