Microsoft rolls out famous OpenAI to one of its popular services.

Microsoft announced that it will expand access to OpenAI’s software, which is currently in preview for cloud computing customers, through a program called Azure OpenAI Services. This extension will make the software more widely available and should lead to increased usage.

The general availability of Azure OpenAI services is part of Microsoft’s commitment to the democratization of AI and our continued partnership with OpenAI.

Microsoft and OpenAI have been working together to push out the new service

By making the Azure OpenAI service widely available, Microsoft is enabling more companies to use advanced AI models such as his GPT-3.5, Codex and DALL-E 2. These AI models are powered by Microsoft Azure, an enterprise-optimized platform. Additionally, enterprises will soon be able to use a version of GPT-3.5 called ChatGPT, trained to run on Microsoft’s Azure AI infrastructure. ChatGPT AI went viral because it provided answers and solutions to complex questions in an unprecedented way.

Dealing with the Dangers of AI

Microsoft claims to review customer applications to ensure the software is not being used for malicious purposes. Use filters to find potentially harmful content.

Both Microsoft and OpenAI have also established their own rules and guidelines for using models in the Azure OpenAI service. Developers who want to use the service must apply and describe how they want to use the model, and the filters in place detect offensive or harmful content. If you violate the rules, Microsoft may require you to stop using the service.

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