China called out for not disclosing enough details about Covid situation.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that China reported five mainland COVID-19 deaths on Jan. 5, compared with one death the day before.The official death toll is now 5,264. . Starting Sunday, January 8, China will lift quarantine requirements for inbound travelers. This is the latest dismantling of the “zero COVID” regime that began last month after a series of historic protests against massive lockdowns. China’s National Health Commission said in a statement that Chinese officials and experts attended an online meeting with the World Health Organization (WHO).

As COVID-19 sweeps through China, other countries and the World Health Organization are calling on their governments to share more comprehensive data on the outbreak. Some even say that many of the numbers it reports are meaningless.
Lacking basic data on deaths, infections and severe cases, governments in other countries have imposed virus testing requirements on travelers from China. Beijing said the measures were not based on science and threatened countermeasures. The biggest concern is whether new strains will emerge from the outbreak in China and spread to other countries. The Delta and Omicron subspecies evolved where there had been major eruptions, so they could be breeding grounds for new subspecies.

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