Are these jobs going to be taken over by AI? This is what GPT-4 says

When ChatGPT first came out late last year, it sparked much discussion surrounding AI eventually replacing everyone’s jobs. Where one would’ve thought that technology like it was still decades away, ChatGPT came as a complete surprise, with capabilities that looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. The AI chatbot is able to write code for fairly complex games and makes an excellent copywriter, among a slew of other things.

AI taking jobs: From recruiter to tutor, ChatGPT's GPT-4 version says it  will replace these 20 jobs

Now with GPT-4 out, ChatGPT is only going to get better at what it does. OpenAI, the company behind it, says that the GPT-4 LLM is more creative and collaborative than ever before. That would only make people more insecure about their jobs, but unfortunately, GPT-4 just doesn’t seem to care. When asked to list 20 jobs that the AI chatbot would replace, the bot did so rather blatantly:

The AI went on to state the human traits that it can replace in these jobs, For example, to be good at data entry, a human would need to have excellent typing speed and accuracy. These traits can be easily replaced by AI, so GPT-4 listed these accordingly.

Of course, the output isn’t meant to be taken very seriously – GPT-4 still only mimics human language and isn’t exactly aware of what it states.

That said, we had previously asked GPT-3.5-based ChatGPT about what programmers and those working in the media industry can do to future-proof themselves against the AI threat. The advice that the bot gave is worth checking out.

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