Andrew Tate reportedly taken to hospital for medical issue two days before court hearing.

Andrew Tate has reportedly been hospitalized due to a medical issue while in Romanian custody, leading Tate to claim that “the Matrix has attacked me

Andrew Tate has been the subject of a lot of controversy over the past few months and has become one of the most talked about figures on the internet.

Things came to a head when he was arrested by Romanian authorities and he was held for 30 days pending an investigation.

Andrew Tate was reportedly taken to hospital while in custody after developing a pulmonary nodule. He claims on his social media that he was “attacked by the Matrix.”

For those unfamiliar, pulmonary nodules are growths in the lungs that are usually benign and harmless but can become cancerous. I asked for a biopsy to make sure it wasn’t a cancerous growth.

This caused him to go to the hospital and have the doctor properly check the problem. However, he made a tweet that was a little vague as to what the actual problem was, and made a report that only said he was in the hospital.

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