5 Things you should bring to your next Airbnb Stay

Airbnb allows its guests to have a good reputation.

But the freedom to choose any type or style of accommodation means that you cannot expect all Airbnb rental sites to offer you the same services. That’s why it’s important to know what to bring to Airbnb and how to get the location with the specific services you want.

Spa Kit. Shampoo, Soap Bar And Liquid. Shower Gel. Aromatherapy Salt

In this guide, we will cover what guests should bring to Airbnb accommodation.

After listing the essential services you will provide for your homeowner (such as a towel), we will compile five things you can consider bringing to your residence, as well as a way to filter your search to find the location with the resources you need.

5 Things to Bring to Your Airbnb Host:

Below are 5 things that every Airbnb visitor should consider bringing with them to their accommodations. Give me the context of why you should bring individual, quality, budget-friendly options to Amazon.com if you need to buy anything. All of these items are priceless (you can get all five for under $ 100 in total).

1) Basic toiletries
Airbnb hire does not always provide basic toilets available in hotels. At Airbnb, you will have hand soap and toilet paper, but expect to bring your own toothbrush, toothbrush, bath soap (sometimes included), shampoo (sometimes included), and other hygiene items that are part of your lifestyle (such as hair. Dryer).

Zero waste cosmetics. Travel set. Flat lay style

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2) Toiletry Bag
No matter what the setting for your Airbnb (shared or private rental), the best way to organize your personal belongings is a toilet bag. Some toilet bags have a hook, which allows them to be hung in the bathroom, locker, or next to the bed.

Black traveling cosmetic bag with toiletries in the front, isolated on white

For Men: For a waterproof, durable, reliable bag with many compounds and available in many colors on Amazon, click here.

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3) Everywhere travel adapter
If you are going to an area with a different wall socket then your own country, buy an adapter for your trip. All you have to do is plug in your adapter, and plug in the wall socket.

You can purchase a regional adapter that works in a specific area you visit, or purchase a universal adapter that will work throughout your upcoming trip.

Three Pin Electric Plug and Universal Adapter Adapter Plug Socket Plug EU Pin on white background

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4) Power Strip
Although hotels usually offer a nearby bar or access to each bed, Airbnb rentals usually do not. I have booked dozens of modern apartments on Airbnb where there are no outlets. That’s why it’s a good idea to come up with your own power line with you.

Woman hand going to push power button on a white extension cord with four outlets. Electric power strip with switch for home or office. Top view.

For a sound-sized power cord (also with 4 USB ports), click here.

5) Flip Flops
I have lived in many different places where my feet were dusty with walking, such as in a rocky cottage in Georgia, a cave house in Cappadocia, and a forest hut in Costa Rica.

In each case, the strangers were nice and clean, but the floor material required that I wipe my feet each time I walked barefoot (luckily I brought flip flops).

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Flip Flops Yellow on blue wooden background


I hope you found this guide helpful.

Airbnb allows for independence from its guests and independence from its guests. But the freedom to choose any type or style of accommodation means that you cannot expect all rental facilities to offer the same luxury. Consider bringing the above items to the fore in order to avoid potential problems!

To learn more about Airbnb, check out some of our guides below.

Have a nice trip!


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