5 Great Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics is one of the best forums for the full understanding of visitors to a website. It is a name that has made many businesses successful so far. But with the increase in trends in the technology sector, there is always a range of development that offers many new tools and applications. We have listed here 10 best ways to google analytics. These are probably the best ones and therefore need the attention of all website owners.

1. Woopra

This is a tool that can be used to get information about products, marketing, sales and customer support. The tool tracks users throughout the site process. The tool tracking skills can be customized and best known for their great variety of integration with products such as Sales Force, Google Drive, Campaign Monitor and Hub spot. As well as when a new user subscribes, the tool helps to send instant real-time messages to a high-speed sales channel.

2. Matomo

Matoma aka Piwik is a full-service analytics tool that gives you limited access to Google Analytics data. The tool can also be used to import data history and dynamic data.

Matoma is known for its data ownership and strong protection of users’ privacy. The best part about this tool is that it can be hosted on your servers without data leaks. Cloud-based hosting on French servers is also available.

3. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is an integration tool for integrating marketing and sales data. The tool provides access to CRM and informs when a company is visiting a site via email. The tool is ready to generate tracking and analysis reports. A free trial is offered along with a free basic program. Paid plans start at $ 35 per month.

4. Chartbeat

Top websites need to analyze the behavior and engagement of their best customers with their content. The tool can also be used in conjunction with fast FB articles and provide off-site public monitoring. A 14-day free trial is offered and the price starts at $ 7000 per year.

5. Heap

Heap is a favorite product statistics tool of all time and helps product managers gain a deeper understanding with minimal effort. The tool is about the data it provides about how users use the products. You can try a free trial and a free application program to test the performance of this tool.

Try the free versions of these tools and find the best tool for your needs!

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