5 Best Texting & SMS Apps in 2022 (Android)

SMS apps may not be as popular as other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, but they are still an integral part of the smartphone. You can use the SMS app to receive OTP, verification code, send text to someone when you are offline, and chat with friends. By default, Android phones come with a messaging app, but they usually come with a bad design or limited features. So in this article, I will show you the top 10 messaging apps for 2022 for Android.

1. Google Messages

SizeVaries with device

Google Messages is a free messaging app for Android by Google. The app works like a traditional SMS app, but there is more to it. The main feature of the application is the RCS feature. Once RCS is enabled, you will not only be able to send blank texts but also photos, videos, GIFs, location, etc., all online.

On the other hand, for many users, Google Messages may be the preferred messaging app. The reasons are simple; completely free and has no ads and in-app purchases. In addition, the design of the material makes it easy to use. In the app, you will find a few additional useful features such as spam protection, sending and receiving messages on your computer, website link preview, smart feedback, and more.


Size5.2 MB

QKSMS is an open source and non-advertising Android SMS app. The UI of the app is clean and easy to use. It also has tons of customization features available, such as themes, night mode, font size, custom notification tone, and more. The app is not a built-in package like other text messaging apps, but it has a clean design and simple app size. And if you want, you can upgrade to QKSMS + which will open features like:

  1. Premium themes
  2. Scheduled messages
  3. Message backup
  4. Default night mode and more

3. Signal

SizeVaries with device

Most of you guys would think Signal is similar to other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegraph. And that is true, but there are exceptions, such as if your friend, family, or other person in your contact list does not have the Signal app, you can just send an SMS with it.
In the app, you can also customize things like font size, theme, chat background, and notifications. In addition, you also get privacy features such as lock screen, blocked screenshots, Incognito Keyboard, etc.

Also, it is open source, free to use, has no ads, and no in-app purchases. So by installing the Signal app, you will not only get the best Android messaging app but also the best SMS app.

4. Textra SMS

Size22 MB
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Textra SMS is one of the most customized messaging apps in the Google Play Store. You can customize almost anything you want. For example, you can change the chat bubble style, emoji style, text font, notifications, etc. And if you don’t like the app’s UI, you can even change the background color of the screen, theme, chat bubble, and the app icon.

The app is not limited to customizing it, and has a few useful features like smart feedback, dual sim support, blocking users, pin chat, and more. All in all, Textra SMS is one of the best SMS apps for Android and you should definitely give them a picture.


Size5.0 MB
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

If you want a simple, non-advertising, and simple SMS app, then YAATA is one of the best android text messaging apps in the Google Play Store. It is not as popular as other text messaging apps, but it is a reliable application. It has decent features like signature text, automatically delete messages, themes, chat topics, and more.
The app comes with a premium service that will unlock additional features such as:

  • Scheduled Message
  • Night mode
  • Blacklisting
  • Automatically transfer and more

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